Laura Kristine ([personal profile] auralaykristine) wrote2009-05-03 10:26 am

Saying hello...

New journals are always fun.

I like this style but there's apparently something wrong with the header--at least as it appears on this computer--because the "recent entries" is sort of cockeyed. I wonder if that's been reported already?

I've attempted to purchase a paid account twice, but the computer keeps freezing up when I get to the paypal log-in page. Again, not sure if that's a problem with this computer or with the site, so I'll wait until I'm at home to get too excited about it.

Now I get to wait and see how long it takes Sisters of Mercy to block this page!

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blackbird_song: Beloved default from day one. :) (Default)

[personal profile] blackbird_song 2009-05-14 02:44 am (UTC)(link)
A belated "Howdy!"